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Santa Chupitos cocktail emporium is on the corner of cobbled streets in the Ropewalks area of Liverpool. Look hard enough and you will find...

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The drinks are a display of what we consider to be a description of who we at 'Santa Chupitos' are. We are often hard at work in our lab creating new home-made ingredients for you to sample and enjoy. We have our seasonal menu, making use of the freshest in season produce and as well as this our classics menu is available all year around and some of these drinks have helped define who we are as a bar. Whether it's a 'Jimmy McNulty', a 'Dirty Mexican' or a '$5 Shake' these drinks are a proud symbol of our love drinks. We will never stop searching for new ways to impress your taste buds and expand your drinks repertoire so for now please... hold the order on that Mojito or Cosmopolitan. Your new favourite tipple could be written on our wall. Peace and Love, Santas x

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  • AkuAkuthe mojitos tiki cousin, rum, peach schnapps
  • When Lola met BrandoJack Daniels, Ameretto, cherry coke
  • Johnny's badass pina coladagold rum, coconut rum, cream of coconut, served in a pineapple
  • Saint Germain punchelderflower, gin, bitters, fresh lime, grapefruit and cream soda
  • Red VesperSloe gin, vodka, sweet vermouth
  • Dirty Mexicancoffee tequila, cola, raseberry cream
  • Hand grenadeJager, rum, red bull, stwo shots and a rocks glass
  • El DiabloTequila, lime , ginger beer, cassis
  • Hurray for Hugorich venezuelan rum, chcocolate bitters, stirred
  • Santas Swizzlerum, lime, almond and gingerbread syrup, cream soda
  • Bacon and Maple old fashionedbacon infused bourbon, maple syrup, bitters, time and effort
  • Jamaican me stormygold rum, gingerbeer, lime
  • Passion fruit zombie4 types of rum, tropical stuff, goslings lime shell
  • Bella Donnagold rum, ameretto, lime , agave
  • Bubblegum sourzrum, lemon, bubblegum syrup, egg white
  • 5 dollar shakevodka, chambord, blueberries, ice cream
  • Red grape and raseberry swizzlebacardi, lime bitters, raseberry puree, ting
  • Jimmy Mcnultyirish whiskey, caramel, cherry bitters, apple juice
  • Watermelon martinivodka, sugar, fresh watermelon
  • Duck and plum old fashionedsugar, bitters, duck infused rum
  • Jamaican me stormy(see classics) rum, lime, ginger beer
  • Watermelon daquirirum, lime, sugar, fresh watermelon
  • Gentlemans rum and coke
  • J.D and smoked coke
  • Bubblegum sourzrum, lemon juice, egg white, sugar, bubblegum syrup
  • Bakewell tartinivodka, ameretto, chambord, cream float
  • Strawberry SmashFinlandia vodka,Strawberry puree, Lemon juice Mint leaves, Topped with soda £6.50
  • Passion fruit caipirinha Sagatiba cachaça, Passion fruit syrup, Sugar, ½ a fresh passion fruit £6.00
  • Ferris Bueller’s day off Finlandia vodka, Bacardi superior rum, Beefeater gin, Sugar, Peach syrup, Peach nectar, Lemon juice, Topped with cream soda and a flamed marshmallow garnish £7.50
  • Hibiscus RoyaleHibiscus syrup, 1 hibiscus flower, Pamplemousse, Topped with prosecco £8.00
  • Lou Ferrigno Chairman’s rum, Midori, Bacardi superior rum, Pineapple, banana and coconut puree ,Lime juice, Garnished with pineapple leaves £8.00
  • Watermelon margarita Ocho blanco tequila, Monin watermelon, Lime juice, Agave, Fresh watermelon £7.00
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We have an exclusive Back Room Bar available for various events...

Cocktail Masterclass: Fun, Informative and Interactive. These group classes are tailored to each separate group. Whether you are there to learn more about cocktails or simply to have a laugh and be merry, we can provide a unique experience that you will remember for a long time.

Private Hire: A venue for all occasions. The back room at Santa Chupitos can be booked out exclusively (depending on dates and availability) for a minimum spend of £500 Sunday-Thursday all night or £500 Friday and Saturday 7PM-12midnight we then increase the minimum spend to £1,000 for the entire night privately till 4AM at the weekend . Whether it’s a birthday, races event, seasonal occasion or just a get together for a few cocktails - we have the perfect space.

Outside and Beyond: With our unique drinks and expert bartenders, we have taken part in several outside events, providing unique service and specialty pop up bars from retail openings, large festivals or simply your own private party!

email or call 07803361062 for details.